AI Powered Video Guide: Benefits of Generative AI Video Maker Tools

VEED.IO makes it easy for anyone with basic computer skills to make great videos without any training or experience in video editing. You can use it to create impactful videos by customizing text, colors, fonts, music, and more. Even the best video editing software still requires a lot of human input for impressive results. Prebuilt video templates are available for training videos, how to videos, marketing videos, explainer videos, news videos.

At the same time, the reduced barriers and improved guidance in turn enable the creators to increase the value they can create outside the firm. And because of the near-zero friction on both sides between creating and watching relevant content, creators are also viewers and vice-versa. The boundary is further blurred if the viewer types in a search, and that input text becomes the prompt for a new video. Runway recently released a beta version of GEN-1, a visual-to-video tool that lets users generate videos up to 3-5 seconds long with images, preset styles, and some prompting. As mentioned, the tool is somewhat limited being that it’s in beta, and longer-form videos could take quite a bit of work and money to generate—but it’s very impressive for an early look. Kapwing’s Smart B-Roll feature scans your video and provides you with B-roll footage and graphics to complete your video.

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Generative AI is the technology to create new content by utilizing existing text, audio files, or images. With generative AI, computers detect the underlying pattern related to the input and produce similar content. This is in contrast to most other AI techniques where the AI model attempts to solve a problem which has a single answer (e.g. a classification or prediction problem). Generative AI systems trained on words or word tokens include GPT-3, LaMDA, LLaMA, BLOOM, GPT-4, and others (see List of large language models).

What happens when AI passes through the ‘uncanny valley’? – Financial Times

What happens when AI passes through the ‘uncanny valley’?.

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All that’s left to do is review the video, make any changes, and render and download it. The tool offers 69 real “Humatars” and a voicebank of 254 unique styles. It also offers full customization, an easy-to-use interface for editing and rendering, and high-resolution output.


You can choose from over 70 diverse AI avatars and even get an exclusive AI avatar for your brand. Japanese users will be able to use the feature in their local languages, while it will be available genrative ai in English and Hindi in India. GitHub’s parent company, Microsoft, and OpenAI are being sued for allegedly violating copyright law with Copilot because the tool can reproduce licensed code.

Consider Netflix, TikTok, and YouTube — the stars in this domain. Each of these elements builds on each other to create a flywheel that has helped all three platforms gain viewers at high speed. Generative AI will make their genrative ai problems worse by creating a new video content creation value chain. The rise of AI-based video editing software has unlocked a whole new suite of creative tools for independent creators and professional producers.

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A prolific businessman and investor, and the founder of several large companies in Israel, the USA and the UAE, Yakov’s corporation comprises over 2,000 employees all over the world. He graduated from the University of Oxford in the UK and Technion in Israel, before moving on to study complex systems science at NECSI in the USA. Yakov has a Masters in Software Development.

Colossyan provides a diverse range of avatars who can recite your script in a variety of accents and languages. Colossyan’s key features are auto translations, subtitles, and the ability to enhance messages via screen recording. Other interesting features include text-to-speech, which allows users to type in their texts to be converted into professional voiceovers. Users can also close their own voice and pair it with their avatar.

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Pictory works by using AI to scan your existing, longer-form videos to turn them into short-form social media (or other marketing) content. Examples of the longer-form source material you might pull from include webinars, product demos, or even internal meetings/sessions within your company; whatever you want to cut down for other platforms. Synthesia was one of the first AI video generators to gain a bit of notoriety, mostly genrative ai due to the tool’s main capabilities—creating AI-generated avatars for video—being used in memes and demonstrations of the tech. Now, the company has added more avatars and use cases to target businesses. Whenever you create an AI-generated video with Kapwing, you choose the output size and text styling. For the script generator, you also have the option to choose script length from between 15 seconds to 2 minutes.

So far, it has been used for product training, internal communication or explaining new processes. Thanks to the explainer videos created with Synthesia, we booked 35% more meetings compared to previous trade shows. Generate high-quality voiceovers from text in 120+ languages.

generative ai for video

You can click to edit, letting you trim the selection or tweak subtitle settings. Opus Clip works well with most topics and video styles, but isn’t a good fit if you’re vlogging, gaming, or shooting music videos. Customizing your video is as simple as clicking on the image to the right of the text. There, you can either upload your own content, or browse a good match from a content library directly within Fliki. There may be a few hiccups when previewing the final result on the app, but once you render the video, everything will look as expected. When you start a new project, you’ll see boxes to input your script.

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You can use this tool to create all sorts of videos, including memes, promo videos, presentations, video testimonials, slideshows, and much more. AI Studios a range of pre-built models and templates that can be easily customized to meet clients’ specific needs, saving freelancers time and resources. Create AI videos in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Hindi, Arabic and more. Not only did it allow us to get a high quality of output in a very limited time, but it was also much more cost-effective than the alternative, traditional processes.

  • AI can assist in bug detection, offering solutions and even generating personalized code snippets tailored to the user’s requirements.
  • All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who’ve spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software.
  • Uploading our own footage was frustrating because Fliki doesn’t allow you to select what portion of the raw footage appears.
  • Kapwing’s AI tools are free to get started, easy to use, and simple for anyone to learn.
  • Once you’ve created a video from your text, you’ll be able to chop it up and serve it just the way you like.

As we move further toward a decade of exponential growth, I believe AI will continue to expand, transforming various industries and reshaping our interactions with technology. These sophisticated systems are capable of creating captivating advertisements, academic papers and even crafting entire novels. However, it’s important to note that these AI models aren’t designed to replace humans; instead, they aim to augment the human. By handling writing responsibilities, they can allow individuals to dedicate their time and energy toward creativity. To create your video, input your text, select or customize a template, and download the finished video.